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How to lose weight on face fast -Exercises,Diet and Weight Loss

How to lose weight on face

Many people look for ways to make their faces thinner and to lose weight on face. There are several methods available. Some are free, others relatively inexpensive and some are very expensive. Generally, the best results are obtained with proper nutrition and exercise. You also have to have time to ensure that things work. As you lose weight, you can slim your face.


How to Lose Weight on the Face


Diet and exercise lead to a reduction in total body fat. You will also lose fat in the cheeks during the process. This is particularly good if you are overweight. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, Thining of cheeks & to lose weight at the same time. Of course, you will look better in your whole body and not just in your face.

Facial exercises 

The simplest and most efficient way to slim a face is facial exercises. They do not require trips to the gym, cardiovascular exercise or sweating. If you want to improve the area around your eyes, try raising and lowering your eyebrows. Close your eyes. Raise and lower your eyebrows 10 times. Open your eyes and repeat. Repeat, looking to the right and then to the left. That is all. You can exercise your cheeks by sucking them and then releasing them several times.
This works because you are working hard muscles on your face. By doing this, you burn calories and fat.

How to lose Weight from face

Makeup, haircuts and clothes 

Women have an advantage over men when it comes to reducing the size of the cheek. Some companies make makeup that can be applied to the cheek. Cheeks and neck make a woman’s face look more attractive and thin. Women can wear hairstyles that divert attention from the cheeks. They can also wear clothes that hide the neck and make you look thinner.

Tips to lose weight on face

  • Eat lots of vegetables, vegetables and fruits is the ideal diet for your face, especially fresh fruits rich in antioxidants.
  • Keep the face clean all day and wet it with very cold water that activates the circulation.
  • Dry your face with a little more than the usual force trying to activate the circulation as much as you can.
  • Drink water, chew slowly and well.
  • Try to do gentle massages whenever you can.

If you are curious about the calorie to lose weight I suggest you check this out: HOW MANY CALORIES TO LOSE WEIGHT


  1.  The exercise of thinning the face in front of the mirror is to try to touch the nose with the upper lip facing up. With this exercise. The lips rise and the cheeks contract in the direction of the eyes. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and relax again in 5 reps.
  2.  Exaggeratedly opens your mouth and close it again, repeat at least 10 times. Do the previous exercise, but now you add a variant, the moment you open your mouth, you close your eyes tightly, to reopen them when you close your mouth.
    How to lose weight on face
  3. You will only burn fat if you do frequent cardiovascular exercise along with the diet. Marathon runners generally do not have a double chin. A routine of 30 minutes a day will make you lose weight on the face and neck, facilitate your detoxification, improve your circulation and work all the muscles of your body, including those of the face.
  4.  To thin the face, a useful tip is to tilt your head back looking at the ceiling, close your eyes, purse your lips and pretend to kiss the ceiling. With this exercise, it is possible to affirm the jaw and give a thinner and thinner look to the face.
  5.  Throw your head back little by little as far as possible until you feel a pull in the neck muscles. Next, push the lower jaw forward and backwards, in the alternative movements. Perform this exercise five times a day to tone and slim your neck and face muscles.
  6. Massaging your face is a good way to reduce its size, in addition to sure you can relax with it.
  7.  Fill the mouth with air until the cheeks are inflated and slowly release the air, repeat between 8 and 12 times.

    Exercise for the Eyebrows and Forehead

    • . Place your two hands on the forehead, palms facing your body, above your eyebrows.
    • . Pressing gently, force your forehead muscles to raise your eyebrows, while with your hands you exert pressure.
    • . Repeat this exercise every day, performing at least 30 repetitions.


  1.  Start by eating a diet with a high percentage of proteins and a low percentage of carbohydrates, which are usually from flour, pasta, bread and cereals.
  2.  In your diet, I would say you have to give enough priority to the consumption of vegetables and fruits. It will not only satisfy you, but also these natural foods are special so that you can get proper digestion of the other foods.
  3. With any food plan, water consumption is very important, so in the food, plan to lose weight the face will not be the exception. What we suggest is that you always choose to consume pure water but without sugar. Of course, it can be very difficult, but keep in mind that beauty costs, but in this case it costs effort.
    How to lose weight on face
  4.  Desserts are one of the foods that most palates like, but as you know they are the foods with the highest percentage of calories.  Therefore they are the ones that gain the most weight, so you have to say goodbye to these foods. At least for a few months or reduce your consumption considerably if you are a person who dies from desserts.
  5. The most special natural infusions that you have to consume regularly so that you achieve an adequate elimination of the toxins that accumulate in your face and body are the infusions of ginger or herbs (eucalyptus and fruits). But as I already mentioned, they have to be consumed by themselves, avoiding the use of sugar.


Minute 1 .- First you stretch the edge of your lips and extend the muscles of your neck, for ten seconds. Then you push your chin up with your hand while pressing your chin down against your hand, for ten seconds.

Now you are going to wrinkle your eyebrows while stretching with your hands the skin of that part to both sides, approximately 10 seconds. Then you contract your nose upwards and with your fingers, you will stretch your skin from the adjacent parts of your nose, approximately ten seconds.

Put your thumbs on the edges of your mouth and the indexes put on the temples, then stretch the corner upwards, keeping the same position for ten seconds.
Minute 2.-  Close your lips between your teeth, while stretching the corner towards the top. Hold in that position for ten seconds.

Now bring your lower lip down. Hold in that position for ten seconds. Now you are going to open your mouth and push your tongue towards the palate. Hold in that position for ten seconds. Contract your lips very strongly until you feel a contraction for ten seconds.

Raise your eyebrows and wrinkle your forehead, while putting your fingers on the same area, put resistance at least ten seconds. Lower your lower lip, taking out your chin, approximately 10 seconds.

If you want to get results faster, you can repeat this easy gymnastics exercise routine twice a day, it may be after you brush your teeth. In such a way, in a very short time, your face will begin to lose weight and of course, you will recover the tone that one day you lost.


You will need to:

  • Bases: one of light and a dark tone.
  • Eye-shadow.
  • Tanning powder
  • Rouge.



Base:  place the light tone base (similar to your skin) in the centre of the face and blur it very well, then apply the darker base (one or two tones) at the level of the temple and above the cheekbone.

Eye makeup:  apply your eyeshadow a little more outside and above the end of your eyelashes, it will help you sharpen your face.

Suntan powder: apply the suntan powder below the cheekbone leading to the temple, and to hide the double chin, apply it from the lower jawline to the neck. Use the blush only from the centre to the end of the cheekbones.


The cheekbones are one of those areas of your face that you want to look good, although the passage of time will mark lines of expression and some wrinkles. Fortunately, with some daily minutes of facial exercises, you can get the muscles of your face to tone, thus achieving an interesting anti-wrinkle effect.

One of the most traditional exercises to mould the cheeks and for the cheekbones to take better shape is to close the mouth, blow and then fill your skunks with all the air you can, inflating them like a balloon. Touch with your tongue to the right side as much as you can, keeping your cheeks inflated and then to the left,  repeating this movement at least 10 times.

Frequent questions

1.- How to slim the face? (How to Lose Weight from Face)

There are several methods to lose weight on face. If you are a girl with large cheeks by genetics, you must accept your cheekbones as they are. Also having chubby cheeks makes you look much younger. However, if your cheeks have been growing because you have gained a few extra pounds, then you should know that there is a solution for that.

The first thing is to have a healthy diet, it is not in vain the saying that “we are what we eat”, it is very true, everything you eat is reflected in your body, skin and even in the mood, therefore If you are gaining weight, not only your abdomen, your hips, arms and legs, but also your face. You should start eating a much more balanced diet, free of fats, sugars and processed foods.

Exercising also helps, when you do cardio and burn calories you not only lose the pansa rolls, but you also notice how your face becomes much thinner and thinner again.

2.- C OW thin face with makeup?

Makeup is a great ally of girls, not only because it helps them cover imperfections, spots or even scars, but because it is also perfect to help you look younger and with a much thinner face, yes, all that and more you can Do it with makeup.

Certain techniques are to refine the face, features, nose and cheekbones, this famous process is what is known as contouring. To contour the face what is needed is to play with the shadows, yes, there are palettes, creams and powders that comes in several shades, a dark brown one, to create the shading effect and a lighter beige one to give light to certain areas of the face The outline has a lot to do with the shape of the face, that is why we share this image where you can make up your face, depending on the shape you have.


3.- What are the best exercises for slimming the face?

Just as there are exercises to tone and thin the different parts of the body, there are also for the face, here we will leave a video with 8 movements that you can do on the face to lose weight.

4.- How to lose facial fat effectively?

If you want to lose facial fat, here are some very effective tips that can be helpful:

Consume fewer calories: excess calories in our diet is the main cause of overweight, excessive accumulation of fat in the body, and the face is no exception, when we eat highly caloric foods, especially desserts or those that They have a lot of sugar, that fat accumulates on the face, specifically on the cheeks and jowls.

Drinking a lot of water: it is no secret to anyone that water is ideal for weight loss, keeping you constantly hydrated helps release toxins and fats.

Do facial exercises: they are very easy and simple, you can do it in the minutes you have free at work, practice and you will begin to notice the changes.

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